Snow globes

At Bruot, snow globes are the perfect way to capture special moments and preserve them forever. Whether it’s a wedding, birth or anniversary, you can create a unique snow globe that symbolizes each important event. Personalization is the key to creating a unique snow globe that tells the story of the special events you want to capture.

The magic of snowballs

Snow globes are magical objects that appeal to children and adults alike. Consisting of a glass globe, a lid and a small amount of artificial snow, snowballs are magic for everyone.

Creating snowballs

To create our snowballs, we include all the little elements inside to bring your creation to life! Snowballs can be made up of mini-animals, figurines and more. Once all the elements have been assembled, simply pour the artificial snow into the globe and close it with the lid. Once the snow globe is securely closed, you can shake it and admire the ballet of the little elements inside. And that’s all there is to our snowballs!

Traditional snow globe

Traditional snow globes are glass spheres, and can be made in a variety of colors. Nowadays, snow globes are also available in different designs, but also with much more modern, personalized elements inside! Snow globes include items such as snowflakes or decorative objects, and are filled with a liquid that gives the elements inside a moving sensation. When the snow globes are shaken, they create a magical and wonderful effect.

Snowballs: unusual objects

Snow globes are unusual articles that have acquired new meaning in recent years. They’re not just a reminder of snowy vacations, but also a decorative object that’s trendy and unique. Snow globes are perfect for decorating the home and creating a magical and wonderful feeling. Moreover, you can personalize your snow globe, making it even more special. Bruot snow globes are available in a variety of styles and sizes !

Collectibles: snow globes!

One of the benefits of Bruot’s snow globe collection is that they are available in many different varieties. So you can find different designs to match. The originality of snow globes is Bruot’s specialty! This can be very attractive if you want to create a collection of different snow globes.

Our different snowball models

If you want to buy snow globes, it’s best to choose a model you like. But you can also choose snow globes that allow you to create different types of snowball. You can create a small, huge or spherical snowball.

Snow globes: a distraction for children

Snow globes are an excellent way to keep your children distracted, but you need to be careful about their safety. For example, you must forbid them to throw the snowballs. Nevertheless, your children will quickly become fascinated by snowballs. In fact, they’re sure to have fond memories of them.

Snow globes: ideal for family celebrations

When it comes to family celebrations, you can put snow globes in the spotlight. Snow globes can be a very interesting object, especially for use at Christmas time. You can have fun and be amused. It’s a very interesting idea! In fact, it’s a great way to have a good time, especially during the Christmas holidays. But it can also be a great idea for a Christmas gift! Personalized snow globes can match a loved one’s tastes and interests!

Contact us for your snow globes!

Snow globes are wonderful objects that can sublimate your home decoration or be used as an original gift. So you can personalize our snow globes to suit your tastes. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you’d like to find out more about our products and services !
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